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HOT Deal - Register Now For GFNY Bali 2020

Registeration For GFNY Bali 2020 Is Open

HOT DEAL until 28 February 2019

Limited Number of Tickets: 300


Pesepeda Indonesia Tampa Kartu Kredit



Registration for GFNY Bali - Without Credit Card


  • Pesepeda Indonesia tanpa credit card:

1. Mendaftar di GFNY.CC data-data pribadi Anda.
2. Tolong kirim pesan melalui email dengan
- Nama yang sudah terdaftar dan
-Alamat email yang sudah terdaftar

3. Anda akan dapat permohonan pembayaran
4. Bayar biaya lomba ke salah satu nomer rekening Bank di Indonesia.
5. Anda akan mendapatkan konfirmasi pendaftaran Anda.





Be A Pro For A Day


Be Part of More Than A Race

As participant of an GFNY Event where ever all over the world, you will be part of enthusiastic riders.

Every rider of an GFNY Event, all over the world, will be more like this. Every rider will be a part of an international Bike Marathon Race with Regional Championships on different Continents and as if it is not enough, ... Read More