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7 March 2021




Solution Without Polution

Vision: To create a better quality of life by cycling
Mission: To increase the number of bicycle users for daily activities.

Bike to Work Indonesia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to replacing cars by bikes to get to your work.. Bike To Work also advises government authorities on how to make cities more bicycle-friendly. Bike to Work has volunteers in almost all provinces of Indonesia who are committed to making transport more environmentally friendly.

This movement intends to campaign for the use of bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation for all the activities, primarily to the workplace.


The Advantage To Use Your Bike

1. Environment


  • Fuel consumption is getting less
  • The polution from the knalpot is getting less
  • The traffic jammed is getting less

2. The Economic


  • Efficiency of the transportation and the traffic jammed
  • Efficiency of the healthcare
  • Efficiency of the parking lots


3. Health and Social


  • Enchantment of the health quality

  • Reduction of the accident

  • Enchantment of the social, time and family quality

  • The character development for the next generation (disciplin, independent, never give up)


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